Black Magic Admin Commands

By Jallar & aaaddd

What is BMAC?

Black Magic Admin Commands, otherwise abbreviated to "BMAC" is an Admin Commands package available on

It allows users to insert and use commands to help them better manage their games, or even create commands of their own to be used in their games!

Why should I use BMAC?

BMAC is one of the most modern, secure and safe Admin Command packs currently available on Roblox! With steady updates that your feedback provides, we are also one of the only admin commands that is actively updating and growing.

While BMAC may not currently offer the most commands or security features for your place, we promise we are working to add as much additional functionality as possible to give you the easiest-to-use and best all-in-one admin commands package offered.

Where can I get BMAC?

You can find BMAC on at the following link:

Black Magic Admin Commands (Model)

You can also follow the latest updates on our group on Roblox, which can be found at the following link:

BMAC Group on

To add BMAC to your place, simply grab a copy of the model linked above and put a copy of it in your place. From there, it will do the rest, and set itself up, with the latest version!